CTP is Queensland’s motor injury insurance scheme

About CTP

CTP stands for compulsory third party insurance. The scheme covers people for injuries sustained by, or in connection with, a vehicle – so we often refer to it as motor injury insurance

Queensland operates a fault-based motor injury insurance scheme, regulated by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC).

Under a ‘fault-based’ CTP scheme, people who are injured in a motor vehicle crash must be able to demonstrate legal fault by the driver of a motor vehicle.

In other words, the CTP scheme only covers those people whose injuries are caused by the fault of the driver of a motor vehicle.

Under the current scheme, no-one can really be sure if they are covered, until ‘fault’ can be determined!

As shown by RACQ November 2018 consumer research, well over half the Queensland survey respondents either:-

  • Don’t know what crash scenario offers them CTP protection
  • Think they are covered when in fact they aren’t.

Queensland’s motor injury insurance scheme is a complex system that involves individuals, families, businesses, government and other organisations in its administration and application.

The Queensland scheme is governed by the Motor Accident Insurance Act and associated regulations. The scheme is provided by four licensed insurers who receive insurance premiums and manage claims for injured people on behalf of their policyholders. Compensation is paid to injured people from the respective insurer’s pool of premium funds.


Provide financial analysis for insurers and regulators to assist with financial scheme monitoring which may include recommendations on the price motorists pay.

Motor Accident Insurance Commission

State Government regulator of Queensland’s motor injury (CTP) insurance scheme. Monitor the performance of the scheme, ensure licensed insurers act within the scope of their licence to operate, such as setting the insurance price and monitoring insurance operating standards. Investing in research and activities to understand and improve safety and wellbeing of road users.

Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR)

Responsible for the issuance and collection of CTP insurance fees via the vehicle registration process and onforwarding those payments and vehicle information to the chosen CTP insurer.

National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ)

A scheme specifically designed for those injured people who have suffered catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle crash, such as permanent spinal cord injuries and permanent brain damage medically classified either of a moderate or severe impact. NIISQ covers treatment and care costs for injured participants who qualify for the scheme for as long as necessary, often for life. An injured person can be a participant whether they were at fault in causing the injury or not.

The Nominal Defendant

Acts as the insurer when the ‘at-fault’ vehicle driver can’t be identified or is uninsured (such as in the case of a ‘hit and run’). It also acts as insurer of last resort if a licensed insurer becomes insolvent.


Pay the CTP insurance fee with their vehicle registration, which varies depending on the type of vehicle they drive and the insurer they select.

Injured people

Beneficiaries of the scheme, if they are eligible.

Doctors and other healthcare practitioners providing services to the injured

Provide treatment and rehabilitation services to the injured and/or their family.


Collect the insurance fee paid for by motorists, manage and fund the eligible claims made by injured people in the scheme.

Investigators and other experts

Conduct factual investigations, surveillance, crash investigation, engineering etc.

Lawyers (involved in the CTP scheme)

Engaged by either the injured people or the insurer to help them navigate the scheme.

Medico-legal experts

Medical specialists engaged by either the injured person or the insurer to provide expert medical opinions for claims that are made into the scheme.

Court system

Various Courts (Magistrates, District, Supreme and Court of Appeal) who determine outcomes of injury claims when agreement can’t be reached between the injured person and the insurer.

Understanding CTP costs

How to have your say on CTP

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