CTP costs

Every registered motorist in Queensland, for a standard private vehicle (Class 1), pays up to $343.20 (FY18-19) (Motor Accident Insurance Commission Annual Report 2018-2019) each year for motor injury (CTP) insurance, which includes fees and levies distributed to other government and emergency services.  The annual price of CTP insurance varies depending on what type of vehicle the motorist registers.

CTP insurance in Queensland

  • It is compulsory when you register your vehicle or renew your vehicle registration
  • It is paid at the same time as your registration to the Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • If you buy a new car from a motor dealer, the dealer may complete all your registration and CTP insurance requirements for you, including selecting the CTP insurer on your behalf
  • You can change your CTP insurer on-line, by phone or in writing, either when your vehicle registration renewal arrives or at any time throughout the year. Your choice is limited to only the four licensed CTP insurers in Queensland.

Your CTP payment is made up of government levies and an insurance premium. These amounts vary depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

For a regular private car or station wagon (Class 1), the typical annual CTP insurance fees are made up as follows:

Statutory Insurance scheme levy

Fees that fund the regulator and their research

Nominal Defendant levy

Fees that fund claims from uninsured or unidentified vehicles

National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ) levy

Fees that fund a no-fault scheme for catastrophic injuries (treatment and care)

Administration Fee

Department of Transport and Main Roads fee

Hospital & Emergency Services levy

Bulk funding for public hospital and ambulance services for motor injuries

Insurance premium

Premium payment to nominated insurance company


If an injured person is eligible to apply for benefits, what are the types of benefits they might receive?

In simple terms, the insurance cover typically provides financial compensation for:

  • The reasonable and appropriate cost of treatment and care the injured person may require
  • Lost earnings (or loss of capacity to earn in future) the injured person may incur
  • Quality of life impact (known as general damages or pain & suffering)
  • You may be able to claim other expenses depending on your individual circumstances. Discuss any queries with the insurer or your solicitor (if you are legally represented).

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