Insurance and road user facts and figures

Types of insurance

If you own and operate a motor vehicle in Queensland, there are three main types of insurance you can choose from:

  • CTP Insurance is the only mandatory insurance that motorists pay for connected to vehicle registration. It protects other people from injuries caused by your vehicle
  • Third party motor vehicle insurance is for vehicle repairs or replacement of other vehicles only. This is optional insurance cover you pay for separate to your registration
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance is for vehicle repairs or replacement to both yours and other vehicles. This is optional insurance cover you pay for separate to your registration.

Every state has its own CTP scheme and every state is different.

If a person is involved in a crash in another state/territory and is injured, CTP scheme benefits they may have access to may be different from state to state. Each state/territory operates its own CTP scheme and the level of cover offered to its registered motorists and injured persons on their roads is different. For example, if a Victorian registered vehicle driven by its owner causes a crash on a Queensland road and the Victorian driver is injured, they won’t get access to the Queensland CTP scheme because we operate a fault-based scheme. However, that Victorian driver may still be able to access some benefits from the Victorian CTP scheme which protects all its injured citizens whether they are at fault or not, even when the accident happens out of state.

About Queensland road users

  • There are 4.34 million vehicles in Queensland 1
  • 2.83 million (65.5%) are cars and station wagons 2
  • Motorcycles make up 4.8% of all registered vehicles on the road at a count of 211,619 3
  • In 2017, 802,100 Queenslanders rode their bikes in a typical week 4
  • 7841 injured people made a motor injury insurance claim in the 2018-19 year – this is about two claims for every 1,000 vehicles 5
  • 49.5% of crashes in Queensland happen in the metropolitan areas of South East Queensland 6
  • 72% of claims finalised in 2017 were for minor injuries (eg. whiplash) 7
  • Less than 20% of injured people deal with the insurer themselves when making a claim.8


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ReThink CTP is an initiative of RACQ