RACQ’s role in ReThink CTP

"As Queensland’s peak motoring body, we have a responsibility to all road users to raise the issues that affect their safety and wellbeing on the road.

Queenslanders are in the dark about CTP. Many don’t know what it does and doesn’t cover them for and that may be leaving them vulnerable.

Injured people are supposed to be the primary beneficiary of our state’s CTP scheme, when in fact they are the last; with far less than 40% of scheme funds landing in the hands of the injured person. The rest goes to State Government and private organisations (such as insurers, lawyers, allied health and treatment providers).

We want to see more of the money Queenslanders put into the scheme, going back to people who are seriously injured on our roads.

As a member-owned organisation, whose role has been to protect members since 1905, we’re stepping up and inviting all stakeholders (RACQ included) to put self interest aside and focus on the people, young and old, who are injured on our roads every year and are NOT protected under our current motor injury insurance scheme.  

ReThink CTP is an RACQ initiative to provide a platform to learn more about CTP and get involved in shaping its future. That’s because right now, we know there may be situations where you cannot rely on it to provide help when you need it most."

Paul Turner, RACQ Advocacy Chief

RACQ believes Queensland’s motor injury insurance (CTP) scheme is too important an issue to leave to interest groups to decide its design. Queenslanders deserve a CTP scheme they can trust to provide the right level of protection, care and support when they need it most.

People will say we have a vested interest in the outcome of this program and just want to make money from it. Let’s set the record straight from the start:

  • As a member-owned organisation, where the profits of our commercial business lines (such as insurance, bank and assistance) are invested back into RACQ for the benefit of members, we’re able to fund an Advocacy division within RACQ Group, whose role is to be the voice on behalf of Queenslanders
  • Since 1905, RACQ has been a voice of Queenslanders for road safety, better infrastructure and funding, fairer fuel prices and many other issues we know our members care about
  • ReThink CTP is an initiative of and funded by RACQ to raise awareness of CTP and seek the feedback of Queenslanders
  • Yes, RACQ is one of the four licensed insurers who underwrite Queensland’s CTP scheme
  • Yes, while RACQ has historically made profit from the CTP scheme, other stakeholders have also made significant money from the scheme. It’s time to change that balance so more of those funds are available for the injured person
  • The Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury will form part of the ReThink campaign, where a random group of Queenslanders will be invited to consider CTP, hear from expert witnesses and make recommendations on how our motor injury insurance scheme should be improved to better support people injured on our roads now and into the future
  • This part of the ReThink CTP program (the Citizens’ Jury) will be run independently of RACQ, by external consultants and auditors
  • A representative of RACQ will sit alongside invited stakeholders, including representatives from other insurers, lawyers, State Government and health organisations, to participate in the jury process
  • RACQ will have no say in the report developed by the Jury for presentation to MAIC and the State Government on conclusion.

Through ReThink CTP, RACQ Advocacy is providing a platform for Queenslanders to determine what a good scheme looks like for them, now and in the future.

We’re asking you to learn more about CTP insurance, think about it and tell us what constitutes a good CTP scheme; with all Queensland road users at the heart of that decision-making process.

RACQ is committed to supporting and advocating the recommendations made at the end of this process, regardless of how it may impact RACQ’s insurance business.  We won’t pre-empt the outcomes, nor will we have any say in the recommendations at the end of the process.

How to have your say

Register here if you would like to be kept up to date as the ReThink CTP community program gets underway.

ReThink CTP is an initiative of RACQ