Evidence and Witness Program

DemocracyCo is focused on making sure the Jury has access to balanced (or unbiased) information that helps them to understand the CTP scheme and fills the gaps in their information.

DemocracyCo have been assisted in this with advice from the legal profession, insurers, health professionals and Geoff Atkins, Actuary from Finity Consulting.

The Jury will receive information from a range of sources including;

  • Perspective Witnesses
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Public Submissions
  • Results of Public Surveys
  • The Rethink CTP Guide

And of course, Jurors will receive information through their own research and the media and online – as we all do!

Perspectives Witnesses

The Jury is being exposed to different organisations who have perspectives on the current system through a ‘speed dialogue’ process. In this process they will be hearing from insurer, legal, actuarial and health perspectives on the current scheme.

You can read the biographies of the speed dialogue participants here.

Expert Witnesses

On 14 March 2020, the Jury will have three panel sessions considering the key questions before the Jury.

DemocracyCo will be working with the Jurors to make sure that the breadth of witnesses they need to hear from achieve the following-

  • Provide the information the jury need to help make informed recommendations to RACQ and the Queensland Government
  • Provide a balanced and broad suite of views and perspectives on the scheme
  • Fill information gaps you have
  • Is trusted by you

To get the Jury started democracyCo has been working with insurers, legal professionals, health experts and Geoff Atkin from Finity Consulting to identify appropriate witnesses for the Jury.

In doing so, democracyCo has tried to develop a broad and balanced list of people they think can assist.  

The Jury will also be able to identify witnesses that they want to hear from.

The final witness list will be published here in the lead up to the March 14 meeting of the Jury.

Public Submissions

All submissions provided to the Jury will be published here after 2 March 2020.

The submission process is open and any individual or organisation can make a submission to the Jury.

If this is of interest to you – you can find the submission template here.

Submissions are due by 2 March 2020.

Results of Public Surveys

A statewide community survey is underway, so the Jury can gain an understanding of what the broader Queensland community knows and thinks about CTP.

You can provide the Jury will your view by filling in this survey.

We will publish the results of the public survey here in March.

The Rethink CTP Guide

RACQ has prepared the Rethink CTP Deliberative Guide to help support the Jury – as well as the community more broadly - to explore the current CTP system and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of it.

You can view the Deliberative Guide here.

ReThink CTP is an initiative of RACQ