Jury Selection

Thousands of Queenslanders were randomly selected to receive an invitation in early January to be part of the Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury.

From this approximately 200 people registered their interest in being part of the process. From this group, the jury facilitators, democracyCo, has chosen a Juror group which as closely as possible represents the diversity of Queenslanders in terms of age, gender, location, employment and road user grouping.

Around 40 Jurors (44% female and 56% male), ranging in age from 18 years to 65 years from across Queensland, have been chosen to consider Queensland’s CTP scheme.

They include students, professionals, tradespeople, clerical workers and retired participants.

The majority drive a car, but motorcyclists, pedestrians and drivers of cars to support others (ie taxi, ride share) are also represented. 

Want to learn more about the Jury? Stay tuned, as we will be sharing their stories as we get to know them better and they progress through the jury process.

ReThink CTP is an initiative of RACQ