Message to the legal profession from the Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury

A randomly selected citizens’ jury has been assembled to review the current Motor Accident Injury Insurance Scheme (CTP) to ensure that it is best for all Queenslanders now and into the future.

We are reviewing information presented by all stakeholders and are seeking representation from the legal profession to provide their input, due to their integral part in assisting injured people.

So far, we have been unable to secure sufficient representation to meet with us on the 14th March (or provide a written/oral submission) which will allow us to make more informed decisions based on their perspectives.

Since November 2019, in planning for the Jury, RACQ and independent organisation DemocracyCo invited several legal representative bodies who all declined to participate. These include:

  • The Australian Lawyers Alliance
  • The Queensland Law Society
  • The Queensland Bar Association

Additionally, a range of legal firms were invited and were interested in being part of the process, then withdrew and so far, have not met with us.

For us, as everyday citizens, to not have a vital stakeholder offer their perspective, may compromise our deliberations and recommendations.

We, the members of the Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury, are calling on Queensland plaintiff lawyers (practising or retired) who are willing to come forward to speak to us about their perspective, views and role within the Queensland CTP scheme, to please make contact with DemocracyCo or the RACQ.

We wish to make the best recommendations for all Queenslanders, and we want to hear what you have to say.

Prepared by the Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury

Click here to view the cover letter from Jury Facilitators, democracyCo.

Click here to download the Citizen's Jury letter.

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