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Lime injuries are stacking up
23 Dec 2019, The Courier Mail

Insurer applauds new “claim farmer” laws
09 Dec 2019,

Letting insurance companies change CTP will cost Queenslanders more
08 Dec 2019,

RACQ push for fair claims
09 Dec 2019, Sunshine Coast Daily

'Kids at risk with flawed CTP rule'
08 Dec 2019, The Sunday Mail

Insurers renew push for no-fault CTP scheme
23 July 2019,

Legal profession strongly opposes proposed changes to CTP scheme
4 April 2019, the Law Society of the ACT

When cars and cattle collide, who is responsible?
December 18, 2018, Beef Central

Warning! Brisbane scooters are injury compensation lawsuits on wheels
3 December 2018, Bennett & Philip Lawyers

Lawyers point to hypocrisy in insurer calls for Queensland CTP reform
27 November 2018, Australian Lawyers Alliance

Taxi Council Queensland calls on Queensland Government to follow Victorian lead on CTP
6 July 2018, Taxi Council Queensland

Queenslanders not protected by current CTP Scheme 
24 July 2018, Suncorp

Insurers call for reforms in Queensland CTP
29 August 2017, Insurance Business Australia

Greedy CTP Insurers Trying to Take Away Your Rights
28 August 2017, Joshua Brown, McNamara Law

Too many injured in car crashed just not covered
04 Dec 2018, Chris McHugh, Courier Mail

Lawyer claims RACQ is behind CTP fear drive
25 Nov 2018, Sunday Mail Brisbane

We need to fight to protect our state's CTP scheme
29 Nov 2018, Roy Hodgson, Courier Mail

No peace of mind with outdated CTP
23 Nov 2018, Courier Mail

ReThink CTP is an initiative of RACQ