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ReThink CTP findings

CTP Citizen’s Jury findings

Thousands of Queenslanders were randomly selected from the RACQ membership database and ABC Vote Compass database to receive an invitation in early January 2020 to be part of the Queensland ReThink CTP Citizens’ Jury.

From this selection process, approximately 200 people registered their interest in being part of the process. Of this group, the jury facilitators, DemocracyCo, chose a range of participants to represent the diversity of Queenslanders as closely as possible - in terms of age, gender, location, employment and road user grouping.

The Queensland CTP Citizens’ Jury concluded its deliberations on the weekend of 29 March 2020 and presented its report – written by the Jury -  to RACQ. The report has also been shared with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission and Queensland Government.

The report comprises 10 recommendations, made by the Jury in order of priority beginning with the most important from the Jury’s perspective. The table below outlines the recommendations the Jury has made and also the levels of support for these by the Jury. You can read more about each recommendation and an outline of its anticipated benefits and evidence used by the Jury to form this recommendation in the Jury report.

RecommendationJury Support levels (%)
Improve MAIC Transparency & Accountability


Remove Opportunities for profiteering from the scheme


CTP awareness and Navigation of the scheme should be improved


Expand the types of vehicles registered & covered by the scheme


More money available for claimants to access


Scheme design options


Retain Governments’ role in the scheme


Improve the scheme by introducing a minimum level of cover


The scheme should remain compulsory


Independent Advocacy


RACQ is very proud of the Jury’s commitment and the seriousness in which they took their role to consider how our motor injury insurance scheme could be improved to better protect people injured on Queensland roads.

It’s a discussion RACQ believes is long overdue and having seen the merit in informing and educating Queenslanders about their motor injury protection scheme, RACQ intends to continue to advocate strongly on their behalf. CTP should always be about people and how we can best support them, emotionally and financially, and not only about the stakeholders who derive an income from the scheme. This process has enabled Queenslanders to dive into this important topic, dissect it and provide recommendations on what they think a good scheme looks like and why.

Queensland community survey findings

A Queensland Community Survey was conducted to better understand what Queenslanders know and think about their CTP scheme. They were asked to consider questions similar to those put to the Citizens’ Jury and the results were used by the Jury to understand the thinking of the broader community they represented.

The survey results show initial perceptions of the current CTP scheme were generally neutral or positive. Moving through the survey information about the current CTP scheme and crash scenarios was introduced. After this ‘knowledge uplift’ participants were again asked their perception of whether the scheme should change. There was a statistically significant shift, with more than double the number of participants feeling the scheme should change after they were provided with information. You can find out more in the Queensland Community Survey report.

The survey was open from 4-14 February 2020.

  • The survey ran through an external (independent) market research panel with verified participants
  • The survey was unbranded (participants did not know who commissioned the survey)
  • The profile of participants is representative of the Queensland adult population (16+), using random probability sampling methodology
  • Participants were not aware of the topic of the survey until they started the survey and completed initial demographic questions
  • A robust sample size was captured to ensure reliable analysis of results across key demographic segments

Public submission findings

As part of ReThink CTP, we invited organisations and other individuals and groups with an interest in CTP to share their thoughts about Queensland’s current CTP scheme and how it could be improved – or not. All submissions were made available to the Citizens’ Jury to aid their deliberations. All the submissions received by the ReThink CTP team are listed below and can be read in full.

Submissions were received from:

ReThink CTP is an initiative of RACQ